Part-time student younger Beijing newbie

Part-time student younger Beijing newbie

★ nickname: Sue
★ date of birth: 10.12.2000
★ height: 165cm
★ language: English, Chinese
★ service: Beijing Massage
★ available: one day in advance

Sue was born in Beijing but lived in Dalian, as her family traveled ever since she was a little girl.

Her major passions in life are literature, wine, jazz and high-end lingerie.

Noting soothes her more than reading Hemingway while sipping Bordeaux, wrapped in lace & Coltrane playing in the background…

Ok, so we don’t really read to the sound of music, but you must admit – it was a sexy picture to imagine

Her student’s savings plan has a minimum contribution of 1400/hr.

Due to her studies, we don’t always get to respond to msgs as quickly as we would like, and would obviously prefer to schedule in advance.

If our words made you wonder how am she like in 3D, or if you just want to join our Beijing sense club lol, don’t hesitate. Indulge yourself.